Chef Michael Cimarusti Shares His Tips On Making The Perfect Batter For Fish And Chips

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In addition to Providence LA, Chef Michael Cimarusti also owns Connie and Ted’s in West Hollywood. This inviting and nautical eatery is famous for its crispy and savory fish and chips. At Connie and Ted’s, the chosen fish is Alaskan cod, which is easy to acquire and sustainable. That said, when it comes to making the perfect fish and chips at home, Chef Cimarusti says it is all in the batter. 

“Put the flour in the freezer before you make the batter and leave it in the freezer overnight, and make your batter the next day,” he shared. “The other thing that I’d recommend is to replace a certain percentage — and it’s up to you how much you want to use — but replace a certain percentage of the water that’s in the recipe with vodka … Both of those two tips will help you achieve a crispier batter.” Even better, Cimarusti explained exactly why these tips take your fish batter to the next level.

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