Can You Get Sick From Eating Crab Apples?

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Are you familiar with crab apples? These small, wild-grown fruits are simply a tinier, undomesticated version of commercial apples; according to Healthline, they can tend towards bitterness and sourness since they haven’t been bred for sweetness like larger apples. And as with other commonly foraged fruits, as opposed to being bought from the grocery store or farmers’ markets, crab apples are sometimes misunderstood as poisonous, which isn’t the case at all. The fruits are totally edible, although you’ll want to avoid the core and seeds, which contain low levels of cyanide, just like commercial apples.

Unless you like very tart fruit, you’ll probably want to sweeten and cook your crab apples. Kitchn notes that the fruits are typically made into crab apple jelly or else baked into pies, crumbles, and crisps just like regular apples — though you might need to add a bit of extra sugar.

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