Andrew Zimmern’s Trick For The Perfect Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Andrew Zimmern shares in a cooking video that if you want to get a cookie that is “crisp around the edges” and “soft in the middle” along with that classic yummy chew, you will want to pay close attention to the sugars you are using. Zimmern shares that the “crispchewity” factor he so loves is achieved¬†from a combination of white sugar, brown sugar, and corn syrup. Why does this produce a chewier chocolate chip cookie?

King Arthur Baking explains that when creating a chewy chocolate chip cookie, the use of brown sugar and butter are key because of the higher moisture content than if you used granulated sugar and vegetable shortening. The cooking site says that this characteristic of the brown sugar, along with a decrease in baking time, gives you that chew. King Arthur Baking also says the chewiness comes from using less sugar, which typically causes your chocolate chip cookies to spread, impacting softness. Additionally, they share that while experimenting with their chocolate chip recipe, they debunked the idea that using bread flour will help make your cookies chewier, and they are not sold on the addition of corn syrup.

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