Alton Brown’s Tip For Using A Ceramic Ginger Grater Without The Cleanup

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In an episode of “Quarantine Quitchen,” Alton Brown shares that he uses a common food wrap to make clean-up easier when using his ginger grater. Brown explains that cleaning the teeth of a ceramic ginger grater can be a major pain. He reveals that he uses a piece of plastic wrap and tightly covers his grater to bypass this problem. 

But before you cry grater foul, Brown quickly defends this method to the naysayers who might be inclined to claim, “Oh my God, we’re going to eat grated plastic!” Brown’s response is a quick shake of the head in the negative, signaling this is not going to happen. In the episode, Brown demonstrates the ease of this trick using a piece of peeled ginger and moving it back and forth quickly across the plastic-covered ginger grater. The end result is beautifully grated ginger and no clean-up mess other than what Brown dropped on the floor.

Of course, if you don’t have a ceramic ginger grater, Chatelaine says you can still create a mess-free zone using a regular grater. The cooking site shares that if you freeze your peeled ginger, the final product will be “fine shreds that make clean up a snap.”

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