13 Best Substitutes For Ricotta

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Goat cheese (not to be confused with sheep cheese) is packed with protein and other nutrients, making it a fairly healthy substitution option. There are actually multiple kinds of this dairy product, also known as chèvre, making goat cheese pretty accessible and versatile no matter what type of dish you’re trying to prepare. That said, if you want to use it as an exact replacement for ricotta, it’s best to stick with a type that is closest in flavor and consistency. 

Fresh chèvre is a bit more subtle in taste and easily spreadable compared to its own soft-ripened or aged variety (via The Manual). Therefore, it is the ideal alternative dairy product to use when you’re in a pinch. However, according to Castello, goat cheese generally has a pronounced, bitter flavor compared to other types of cheese and is on the salty side. For this reason, it is best to use this substitution when making savory dishes. You can follow a one-to-one ratio for replacement, but make sure you cut back on the salt to compensate for the difference in sodium.

Alternatively, depending on your recipe’s needs, you might consider using aged goat cheese if you prefer to have a more forward, natural, earthier taste in the completed dish.

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