13 Best Substitutes For Coconut Milk

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Silken tofu is unlike other tofu varieties floating around in your curry or vegetable stir-fry. It is a soft, custardy ingredient made by combining curdled soy milk with magnesium chloride. The result is a type of tofu that breaks easily and can be pureed down into a smooth, creamy base for sauces and vegan chocolate mousses. Other tofu types (like firm or extra firm tofu) cannot be used as a substitute for coconut milk because they will not be able to form a custard when blended as easily.

In a recipe, you can substitute 1 cup of pureed silken tofu for 1 cup of cream. If you want to mimic coconut milk’s texture more accurately, try pureeing silken tofu with equal parts soy milk to replace it.

There are many nutritional benefits to substituting silken tofu for coconut milk. Most notably, it is a powerful source of protein for plant-based eaters. It contains lower fat than coconut milk and more calcium, which contributes to strong bone development.

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